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Security considerations for high floor moving

    people are generally living in the building, some friend's floor is quite high, when we move will be more time-consuming than the General floor trouble, you must pay attention to security matters, may be more nice to the following recommendations:

    handling: handling the number and size of items. Valuables or special furniture, and about the weight and volume. Number of overweight items. Assembly and disassembly of the air-conditioner. Special handling, do we have a rubbish, whether assisting dismantling, packaging or boxes provided. Terrain: there is no elevator, the elevator can accommodate large pieces of furniture. Need to change to the second lift and stairs. Handling the road is special in the way terrain (ladder, slope, slope). Transport distances across counties and descriptions. Single item floor cost: refers to the elevator case, items too large to use the lift handle. Instead, you must use the stairs carrying items. Please note: the old Office, the new Office of the tunnel size. If delivery trucks to enter the underground car park, pay attention to height and the height of the car park. Arranged in the old and the new Office service number and car number. Damage claims: items such as damage claims of principle is what should be in the inquiry ask before signing up. Insurance: valuables can buy insurance, to increase security. Special articles packing tips when moving a vase or bottle: first and then into the box with original box, if loose, please put some of the filler fixed. Even the box in carton, and boxed with other items. Dish: dish with bubble plates between cloth or folded newspapers. About 2 to 3 as a group and then bound with poly-bags. Note into boxes to place. Chopper: made of thick paper sheath, blade wrapped with adhesive. Handle must be revealed, let a person see is chopper, safer. Other notes: Please bring their own valuables, currency, precious metals, securities, gems, stamps, books, do not pack into the box, be sure to bring their own. Pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please bring your own. Fresh perishable items, if long time handling should be avoided in case, can control the order size before the move. If not boxed articles can contact the professionals of our company, contact the proper way. Moving House is a very hard thing, now remind you by the most rapid and convenient way to move.

    like pots and pans in the kitchen when you move to safety problems, dangerous goods, especially tools, and so on, when appropriate in handling with the power of moving companies, perhaps more good advice.