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Air conditioning points to move problem

    1, in a wide variety of goods during transportation, and matters needing attention of Tianjin moving company prices are not the same. In the process of moving, what are the considerations for air handling? here look, air conditioning, 5 points during the process of handling! air conditioner indoor unit cannot be drenched with water in case of leakage, do not collide.

    2, free before, should avoid air conditioning freon put fluoride deficiency. In order to keep the nozzle clean and prevent dust from entering, best taped sealed nozzle. Note: the air conditioning the fear of water, dust, air).

    3, remove the connection pipe not to flat, avoids air conditioning refrigeration system pipe flow. While removing the connecting pipe should not collision interface, connector, so as to avoid air conditioning and refrigeration system and fluorine.

    4, air conditioning tilt less than 45 degrees the best handling process, aims to keep the compressor oil into the pipeline, pressure ice jams, so the outdoor unit must be horizontal, not tilt or fall. If not hearts tilted more than 45 degrees, so be sure to place 10 hours.

    5, air conditioning installation OK remember moving company in Shenzhen after a call to clean the air exhaust in the air conditioning, so as to avoid too high pressure in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, affect the cooling performance.