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After moving considerations

    after the move is completed also needs a consolidation process, this process also needs to learn some relevant information, six districts in the city of Tianjin to move below give you a brief introduction about some related problems after moving, I hope can help to move people.

    1, clean the closets, cabinets, bookcases and dry; about 30 minutes later, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, respectively finishing;

    2, organize daily essential goods in place to ensure the normal order of life;

    3, sorting anything not in storage;

    4, items consolidation in place began to clean the room or professional cleaning company specializes in cleaning;

    5, fresh air into the open window, and bought several Green values in favour of fresher indoor air to each room;

    6, check the power meter, water meters, gas, door cards;

    7, the whole move is completed, start a normal life