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Moving House need to know business

    When you move lots of tedious things, easy to err in their VIP, rush will be missed. Tianjin safe moving company to help you classify, please remember that when you move a pressing problem.

   , goods classification and cartons marked with

    (1) demolition items, and classification, and package and do mark: first in moved Qian will various items demolition, and by daily will supplies (as office supplies, and child of textbooks and stationery or toilet supplies,), and clothes, and books and clean supplies (as rag, and clean agent), classification bundled strong; while with Mark pen in box outside indicate box within by loaded of items content, good number, so as not to forget box within content and in handling Shi missed.

    (2) small and small items can boxing boxing as much as possible, do not loose to avoid handling scattered lost.

    II, note parts and keys

    when removing items, retractable parts and keys especially must pay attention to avoid Assembly difficulties.

    three, fragile and expensive items of note

    (1), breakable, expensive home appliances, such as at the time of packing case and inform the staff should be clearly marked and packed full with rags, newspapers and plastic foam boxes in the space, so as to avoid damage during transportation due to shaking, hitting.

    (2) valuables, such as gold and silver jewelry, money, securities, documents and antique, please bring, do not put it in a drawer, wrapped and furniture, to hold themselves responsible.

    (3), high-end furniture, be sure to lay the packing, in case of damage, repair problems.

    four, furniture should be emptied, and fixed, locked

    (1) internal drawers, cabinets, refrigerators and washing machines must be emptied, because if it is not empty, service personnel will inconvenience due to too heavy to carry, and the furniture itself is also vulnerable to shaking, impact damage.

    (2) furniture, Cabinet dismantled should be placed in a place easy to move, in addition the drawer, easily sliding parts such as doors, good thing fixed with adhesive tape or lock.

    e, contact neighbors and property departments

    notifies the neighborhood or property sector scheduled to move time, set aside new, site spaces, Tanggu, avoid the red sky moving company cars must be the nearest parking obstacle removed in advance within the corridor, residential doors can open in a timely manner, public facilities such as elevators are working.

    migration of six, phone, mail

    telephone, mail and other prior migration, cell phones, paging companies to prepare battery and power throughout the day, in order to facilitate contact.

    seven, other matters

    (1) pickles cylinder and barrel should be covered with plastic bags to avoid leak other objects contaminated.

    (2) snow seasons or windy days, please make an appointment closed van, so as not to get wet, blows or make dirty.

    (3) package for the size of the box you want to not only convenient but also the principle of security, do not be too heavy to carry or pack the hole burst.

    (4) the day before moving the refrigerator needs to cut off the power supply, make ice hydration.

    (5) transporting live fish need to retain 1/3 of water in a container.

    (6) handling of flowers and plants need to be placed at the bottom of sponges, measures to be taken to keep warm in winter.