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After moving wallpaper mix

    wallpaper color, texture, pattern, color choices of wallpaper will air for Shanghai moving company room to shape differences, and even affect the guest's mood. Cool colors and bright colors on your mood has an active role, appropriate use in restaurants, cool colors and color can make people's bodies with low brightness set, peace, affordable used in the study.

    tint suggests that the light and make the room look bigger and higher. Tint due to reflected light, and corridors and a shade lighter. White and pale wall coverings and practical furniture for children's rooms and small rooms, and wallpaper materials also affect the color of light and shade, sheen of lubrication wallpaper appearance reflected more, and it is bright. Dark is kind of passion to make the room look smaller. Because luster overall to be exclusive sinks, darker than in the library or a quiet room. While dark colors can be used to hide defects in buildings. For example the unyielding wall, may make the high ceiling look low 1, add 1 point light in the dark can play a balancing role.

    before moving a lot of things to do, have you ever thought about moving things? After moving wallpaper at home how to choose matching,

    peace moves to teach you how to mix, hope can help you.

    red, yellow, Brown, Orange and peach white is cool, can produce a warm thought. In the social room, make people think agile. Cool colors can also be used in restaurants, especially in the adoption of cool colors can make a room feel warm in the South. Blue, green, lavender and gray is a cool, and cool colors make people think that fresh. Cool wallpaper in the study room and facing South, to face the rising sun light the room look cool. Purple and Royal Blue cold color, wallpaper decoration should not be used, and not easily paired with other colors, but combined with the white of embarrassing harassment as, seems to be yielding good results, simple and bright, very fitting in the bathroom, or customers.

    differences of colours and colour combinations generate differences of thought and sentiment, classic dark, noble, bright vivid colors appropriate to adolescents, soft colours used in the main bedroom and study, Brown and taupe suitable for the living room and study. :

    with white end of of wallpaper selection cool as green, and blue, and light purple of wallpaper small spent, and small pattern or big grid spent but win more white end of of pattern with dark end of of wallpaper with cool as red, and yellow, and orange of wallpaper big spent and dark end of how makes ceiling is high some with straight stripes, or 1 species has up support thought of plans how construction out official and vulgar of mood with belongs to traditional official of pattern with white and the light purple

    bright yellow, light green, turquoise will add luster and space for results. White, yellow or green, not only visually softer and lived out of that comfortable, since they are in the day is bright, and at night there are comfortable and pleasant feeling. Green, will bring comfort and freshness of nature, give the calm mood of relaxation. Bright yellow, so plenty of people think physical, physical vibration to 1. Dark red, dark green, and other eye-catching jump dark gold or silver color, applied to places of entertainment.

    wallpaper texture pattern has its origins in the nature of floral patterns, and will produce a 1 pleasant close, construction 1 freedom of comfortable living space, thus, be adopted by the more family room. But the polite geometric print embossed (or foam) wall paper is mainly used for indoor decoration of the ceiling, and beloved cartoons and land patterns in the world of children's bedroom the best choice.

    series wallpaper found in hotels, hotel and office building, Office decoration, to represent the entire floor General. Than prevailing fabric of textured wallpaper, and bedroom curtains, bedspreads, sand can create the perfect ambience to match declared. The deep color of the wallpaper most construction and return to the back of air, such as Shanghai moving company phone House living room wall decoration, British fire decorate decoration, tea rooms, bars, coffee houses, restaurants and other places of public recreation renovation, should be the best choice.

    in order to make the walls look more attractive, using printed wallpaper and wallpaper the belt clean fresh combination will not only make the wallpaper and make the Visual connection between the wall alive. For example, top or along the baseboard of the wall above and around the fireplace, door frames, it is natural for wall made space segment. Can also be made open and outgoing depressed corners became bright and shining. It can be said that the overall decoration of the belt edges of decorative wallpaper as your wallpaper to the self-defeating role will end.