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Charge standard

    starting fee: RMB 80/20 plus 5 floors elevator

    air conditioning entry fee (disassembly by major brand service professionals)

    type air conditioning single split single with disassembly

    1.5 (1.5) 100 RMB 130 Yuan, 200 Yuan

    1.5 HP 150 Yuan RMB 160 Yuan 280

    2 wall, Cabinet 150 180 yuan 300 yuan

    3 150 220 Yuan 360 Yuan

    5 cabinet 180 300 480 Yuan

    furniture disassembly and Assembly costs (by professional disassembly and Assembly, China furniture City)

    70 two-door Cabinet

    three-door Cabinet 120 Yuan

    150 four-door Cabinet

    disassemble Office 40/a

    path handling fee: 30     plus 100 piano: (by professional Street piano teacher is responsible for packaging and handling).

    special product: handling equipment, safes, copiers, large fish tank, 34 inch LCD color TV, the back, above, double door refrigerator, antique, each piece is subject to 50-100. remember handling service charge only when workers do not need a vehicle, 30 yuan per person, per hour.