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Maid Service

Maid Service

   , the property maintains cleanliness: bargaining

    second, the project opens up wasteland: housing construction area of 2 Yuan/square meter.

    third, the household cleaning:

    1. Omni-directional maintains cleanliness: housing construction area of 1.8-2 Yuan/square meter.

    2. new home opens up wasteland cleaning: housing construction area of 2 Yuan/square meter.

    3. glass cleaner: 10/standard window fan, small balcony 40/a, terrace 50 Yuan/month (negotiable).

    4. leather and ciothe fabric sofa cleaning: 40 Yuan/person.

    5. waxing the floor: 2 Yuan/square meter (the company wax).

    6. wax the floor: 3 Yuan/square meter.

    7. exhaust hood cleaning: 50 Yuan/Taiwan, European style 70 Yuan.

    four, ground maintenance services:

    1. marble wax polishing: 5 Yuan/square meter.

    2. marble renovation: 50-80 Yuan/square meter.

    other ground maintenance are subject to bargaining.

    five, hotels and other food and beverage kitchen hood, flue cleaning:

    1. Hood cleaning: 80-100 Yuan/meter.

    2. flue cleaning: 70-100 Yuan/meter.

    six, carpets cleaning:

    1. polyester: 2-4 RMB 200 Yuan/square meter.

    2. less than 20 square meters of woolen carpets 12 Yuan/square meter, 5-8 Yuan/square meter 200 greater than 20 square meters.

    seven, external cleaning: 2-4 Yuan/square meter.