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Long short distance transport

Long short distance transport

    city relocation

    ring (in the area) starting at 140

    within the second ring (in the area) starting at $ 150

    within the third ring road (in the area) starting at 180 yuan

    charge of floors

    10 on each element (except superimposed over 10 layers of floors on both sides)

    elevator charge

    collection, 20-30

    long distance relocation

    5 Yuan/km (including highway, bridge, tolls)

    manual handling the horizontal distance between

    free within 5 meters more than 2 Yuan/m, cart 1/m


    120 the following more than 200 Yuan, 125, 300 yuan (each floor plus ten Yuan, floor stacking on both sides except for 10), vertical lift the piano and another, grand pianos starting at 500 Yuan (Assembly and disassembly)


    high rate 10/10 cm more than 1 m negotiable


    50 1100 RMB/set


    30-40 inch 40/40 inch above 80/set, oversize negotiable


    200-230 40/set, more than 230 80 Yuan-100 Yuan/sets, if you need to remove the door plus 50 Yuan

    drum washing machine

    40-60 Yuan

    air conditioning

    1.5P more than 50 Yuan/sets, 2-3P, above 5P and another 100 Yuan/Taiwan

    fish tank

    charging by length 10/10 cm, another over 1.2 m tank


    1.5-meter-high 50/1.5 m-2 m below 100 Yuan/a

    fully automatic Mahjong machine

    50 1100 RMB/set

    fitness equipment

    50 Yuan RMB 1200/a (Super negotiable)

    Massage Chair

    50 ~100/a

    assembling and disassembling furniture

    50 180 chest: 40 Yuan/door sliding door: 50 Yuan/door at 501 l00/

    table l00-200/(Super negotiable) Office 30-50 Yuan/person

    handling of Panel furniture

    customers have been dismantled, and no packaging, plus 50-100 yuan per car


    80 yuan/hour

    employer-do not use

    at 40 Yuan/person

    remote loading

    road 40/no way 60 Yuan/(5 km)

    hang Shun

    50 Yuan/piece, 8 storeys and another

    loading and unloading users vehicles

    van 50-80 Yuan, and parking for 30-50 Yuan, truck and another.

    move the air conditioning machines

    hang 1P--1.5p l50

    Cabinet 2P 260 3P 320 RMB 5P400 Yuan

    bearing walls drill a 50 Yuan plus longer bolts paying 50 Yuan

    billiards case disassembly

    General: 300 snooker: 400 (excluding freight)

    moving objects insured premium charge on the value of 10% porcelain, jade carvings, antiques, fragile except customer voluntary: not insured item damaged, responsible for Jane did a

    valuable jade, porcelain, antiques, marble, carving, high floor Music Center, luxurious wooden furniture, each charge of RMB 50-100 valuables.

    elevators unable to ship large items separately

    attic, the more the price is negotiable, fragmentation is not packaged separately.

    marble surfaces, glass, stone, jade, root carvings, mahogany furniture, bonsai (negotiable)

    kitchen equipment is negotiable

    elevator cannot helicopter in place of another, slow down on the elevator, causing timeout loading, unloading and another.

    * special price negotiable

    * is in place, such as customer reason to carry to empty charge 100