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Air conditioning repair

Air conditioning repair

    service brand

   , Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Haier, Hisense, Chunlan, gree, midea, LG, double deer, old bridge, Philco, BITZER, beauty parlours, coma, kelon, Warburg, Taikang, gree, Hitachi, Sanyo, and so on.

    the Centre to undertake long-term Chongqing air conditioning repair service, and warmly welcome the establishment unit and individual air conditioning repairs and regular maintenance for a long time!

    I Center has been providing quality services for customers as a prerequisite. Adhere to the "quality first, honesty first" for the purpose.

    only true technology combined with good service, in order to be accepted by the customer, in order to create a good image.

    the Center with on-site service, and military families, the disabled, widowed, and low preferential 20%-30% repair charge of policy holders.

    content of our service:

    main services: household split unit air conditioners, central air conditioning and commercial central air conditioning the transfer machine, disassemble, repair, maintenance, fluoridation, punching, free cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and so on. And design household central air conditioning for you, provide the perfect solution. Free home measure, depending on your home environment to design customized solutions for you.