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    in ancient times medicine has not yet developed so popular I do now and, therefore, tend to be superstitious folk religion of the ancients, think big during pregnancy Taiqi, makes the child angry at God and leads to an unavoidable abortions ... ...

    in fact, Taiqi is the old saying, the underlying reason is not suitable during pregnancy overwork. Increase instability during pregnancy because of excessive labor, moving not only requires a lot of labor, environment can also compromise the expectant mother feel, so there is not suitable during pregnancy will be moving. Expectant mothers should set out the reasons, rather than silly blindly without knowing the truth.

    in addition, when mothers forced to move things, increased abdominal pressure easily, sunk to the pelvic floor causes the uterus, thus aggravating symptoms such as frequent urination, backache, even the phenomenon of groin pain. In addition, may also make the uterus in a nervous state, causes uterine contractions, uterine blood easier to get into and affect the function of the placenta and affect the baby's health.

    However, this is, of course, occurs only in quite serious condition.

    therefore, must not be moved during pregnancy is not, if you want to move, and expectant mothers have to remember not to overwork, and cannot move a heavy object, it's too heavy or oversized items will be handed over to their families, and mood adjustment in the best condition, not because they do not adapt to the new environment and affect the mood. If older family members are still concerned with the folklore, expectant mother and father to take and symbolizes communication and coordination of concessions, never pushy, so as not to affect the harmony among family members, also destroyed his good mood.

    in short, social customs, handed down from many local people also varied, expectant mothers are not due to a variety of folk taboo, tyre said of God, are plagued by confused? Do not worry! To understand the source and intent of taboos can be with the right concept and attitude towards it!