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    piano than ordinary furniture moving easier to worry about. This is not only because of their high value, because the piano is often the favorite objects, move was striking, being touched, how can we not call people love!

    handling considerations for small series of build-up on the piano as follows:

    (1) upright piano is generally 200 to 240 kg in weight, horizontal piano at 290 to 490 kg. Best outside the box in the handling process, and operate according to the instructions box pattern. Handling box body tightness should be checked to prevent tank loose damage to piano.

    (2) piano the main weight of iron, parts of the string columns, focus generally on the back of the piano. So in transport must pay attention, in case the piano back to tip over.

    (2) in handling is recommended not to remove the piano parts. Due to space restrictions for special reasons, must be carried out under the guidance of professional limited removal. Up to remove the top cover, door, door total chord struck. Remove striking the best experience, please remove.

    (4) moving first to check whether the door jammed, in case of falling film knocked up and down loss. Then check the two harp back hand is solid.

    (5), be careful when pushing the piano, avoiding excessive force and caused the piano round of broken or damaged parts. On flat ground to push the piano moving, encounter rough ground, are slightly raised lift the piano, after a rough place again in the past.

    (6), stairs, Jean tilt angle of not greater than 70 degrees with the ground. Avoid Jean inverted handle.

    (7) to prevent violent vibration and bumpiness in the delivery process.

    (8) transport of pianos should not be open on rainy days, rain-proof measures should be taken to proceed.

    (9) users in the winter to buy pianos, care should be taken in the open package packing before the first piano to indoor rest for a day, make temperature near room temperature and avoid sudden changes in body temperature.

    placement of piano:

    1. do not place the piano against the exterior wall of the room, the best choice for wall placed in the room.

    2. piano when placed against a wall, and keep a certain distance from the wall, State workers not less than 10cm at the piano, Grand Piano of not less than 30cm, the piano has a good ventilation environment.

    3. piano not placed by the window, avoiding direct sunlight, the impact of adverse factors such as the weather changes unexpectedly.

    4. do not place the piano surrounded by corrosive gases to prevent surface oxidation of metal parts.

    5. piano place should avoid sudden temperature quench heat, especially not placed at the outlet of cold and hot to prevent sudden changes in wood products caused deformation, cracking or change of paint film.