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    how to upgrade of zhongcai shipped this year, other than the note when Feng Shui directions, note also that the layout of the pattern itself in Oh! As long as the heart pattern features a wealth of good Feng Shui at home, you can let you go anywhere for a full year, what are you waiting, rushed to try to help you absorb gold lucky kynge secret method!

    first-five energy tap!

    diagonal 45 degrees to the main entrance houses the living room at home, and that is exactly what "out money". Furnishings and lighting here is really important. Known as "Ming money" need to keep clean and bright to have endless wealth trickle, with money rolling in to; if the corner of the living room out money is not bright enough or is not satisfactory, then it does not matter, it is recommended that attach a yellow spotlight shining down from the ceiling. Generally, Ming fiscal bit if heap full debris, or mess was, so master itself of financial capacity on will than weaker, and money also will compared didn't control, so home in the of Ming fiscal bit except to keep bright clean zhiwai, best also can this at placed symbol fortune of mascot, as: colored Crystal open shipped tree, and gold and so on, can strengthened home gas field, let you blessing, and wealth, and popularity everything full, brings endless of sources, makes Fortune prosper smooth!

    second recruit-Fu Lo transfer wealth!

    South-East in the living room and family economics and finances, and Southeast in the five elements are wood, azimuth green plants placed tied a Red Ribbon or red string, for example: Evergreen, keel, money tree, gold GE ... And so on, can give life, to "flourishing" effect. In addition, Chin's point of view, a symbol of "peace is good fortune, health is wealth", so the money placed in the home of a golden gourd, prosperous wealth effect will be more pronounced; or hang a gourd, to enhance the fortunes were also very helpful. Hanging method is tied with red string gourd hanging on the living room ceiling of the South-East, from where some two-thirds, lets you add up, year after year.