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    intends to live in the Lady of the House before the Spring Festival on January 11, call the CDC, professionals do for its newly renovated home air quality. Was told, should wait until the heat detection, because cold weather, toxic and hazardous substances "latent" deep, and difficult to detect.

    woman six months ago to buy a new House, the renovation work was completed last month, taking into account people have "the first month does not move" custom, intended to move years ago. She said that although the home has open window blew a month, but is still a little worried, feel that indoor air quality is good. She said wants to indoor air quality testing to know the how decoration pollution.

    CDC public health week Ministers said harmful substances in winter nonvolatile, test results are not necessarily to advise people to the heat a little more testing, so measure real results. Professionals, winter indoor air quality testing, some harmful substances largely undetected. Recently, some residents demanded immediate testing, almost every household hazardous substances does not exceed, but these data are not true, most toxic and harmful substances in their homes "latent". If you must want a year ago moved into a new House, should be working and open Windows. Ventilation is also a trick, the best air conditioning in playing several hours a day, the temperature, so that harmful substances are volatile, and then open the window again. In addition, some chemical and physical methods can also be used to eliminate indoor air pollution.

    prepared winter moving into newly renovated homes must be mindful that careful invasion of harmful substances!