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    things move in a lot of trouble, but moving large lot, home appliances how to move is a big problem, moving and transportation in Tianjin for your simple and brief handling LCD TV how do.

    first, before I move to make appropriate treatment to LCD TV

    before you move the LCD, turn off its power, and then unplug it, Shanghai moving company prices to avoid unnecessary internal component damage or cause power fluctuations or cable damage. Packaged in LCD TV, if dirt surface of LCD monitors, the first dirt. When the dirt, it is best to use a soft, non-fiber materials, such as cotton, soft cloth or lens paper, etc, and then a little glass cleaner and gently wipe it, prohibiting the use of alcohol is a chemical solution or with a coarse cloth or paper items, as these materials are easily scratched. Would like to remind you here is, do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the display screen surface, it is likely to short-circuit fault led LCD screen within the screen, resulting in unnecessary losses. Clearing is finished, let it air-dry before they can pack into the box.

    II, in the handling process to avoid strong shocks and vibrations

    LCD TV screen is very fragile, so to avoid strong shocks and vibrations. LCD TV is a home or Office and all the supplies in the most sensitive electrical equipment. LCD glass and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, dropped to the floor or other similar hit can lead to damage to the LCD screen and the CFL unit. Therefore, prior to the move, find the best LCD TV's original packing box, or roughly the size of a cardboard box, LCD TV screen with the bubble mat Pack, then put inside a box, using bubble cushion around the TV plug to avoid TV rocking back and forth in the handling process.. Packed, must be outside of the box indicate the opposite, to handling company personnel to identify and attract attention.

    third, in the course of handling not to put pressure on the surface of LCD TV LCD monitor.

    as usual when we use, pointing with his finger even a part of the screen (even minor hits are likely to have local serious bad points into a black dot), which is likely to cause bad point increase, let alone other hits. So in the car to make a place devoted to LCD TV, and don't put anything in it, like some of the more rigid, pointed thing try not to put around it, avoid moving dump trucks colliding in the process, thereby contributing to LCD TV LCD monitor put unnecessary pressure on the surface.

    LCD TV is also valuable items, Shanghai moving company phone buy one need tens of thousands more, so when we move, it is best to find buy one TV box, if you've thrown away, you can ask the moving company, maybe they would have a better proposal, spending so much money to buy things, we must be careful.