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    Chongqing Yuan spring moved service limited established Yu September 2000 is a after city transport Council approved and Bureau registered of set residents moved, and piano handling, and furniture disassembly, and boxing package, and air conditioning maintenance moved machine, large equipment handling lifting for one of large Chongqing moved company, currently Chongqing moved, and Chongqing moved company, and Chongqing moved company phone, and Chongqing moved company price, and Chongqing long-distance moved, and Chongqing long-distance moved company, and Chongqing moving company which has a wide range of pointings on the vehicles to meet the needs of varying degrees of removal pull, branches within the city area.

    from its inception the company has been pursuing high quality, high standards and strict requirements of the service standards, the majority of customers, moving the industry won a good reputation. Chongqing spring moving services limited all vehicle dispatch Center by telephone from company headquarters, advanced computer network system of unified command and control, the nearest car, regardless of your location at any time as long as you choose our moving services, so long as you have a phone call, we will be able to take timely and efficient, attentive service to every new and old customer delegate.

    Chongqing spring moving services to the highest quality of services, reasonable prices, honesty first principles so that we have more than 10 years has won numerous customer trust and praise, customer support and trust in Chongqing as well as high quality and efficient professional service is our moving company in the highly competitive market remains stable and successful development of the most fundamental reasons.